Relatively new to the subcompact SUV market, the Toyota C-HR has quickly become a hit. The look of the C-HR draws initial interest, but the ride and features sell the C-HR.

When looking at the C-HR from the front, the first thing that grabs the eye is the headlight style. Beginning as a thin line from the front of the hood, the lights wrap around to the front fenders in a sweeping motion. LED daytime running lights sit just inside the halogen headlamps at the corners. On each side of the air dam, fog lights illuminate the ground in front of the C-HR.

The Toyota C-HR is more than just looks on the outside. It comes equipped with Vortex 18” alloy metal wheels. The larger wheels provide a more stable ride.

When you finish looking at the Toyota C-HR in our showroom, we will encourage you to take it for a test ride. You’ll see that it performs as well as it looks.

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