If you love the idea of escaping on an adventure with your SUV, the Toyota 4Runner at Steet Toyota of Yorkville is a wonderful option. Get out of Yorkville, NY, and take the Toyota 4Runner off-roading to a camping spot or a secluded hiking trail.

This SUV makes it easy to get to places that have challenging terrain along the route. The locking rear differential is excellent for handling when going up an uneven slope. If you need to crawl over some rocks or jagged ruts in the road, use Crawl Control for maximum stability!

There may be different types of terrain along the road, so the Multi-Terrain Select feature is great for customizing the handling for the Toyota 4Runner. This Toyota SUV is well-protected with 9.6-inches of ground clearance and skid plates for the fuel pump and engine. This Toyota can get you to adventures that are farther and harder to get to because of the excellent capability features!

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