If you are interested in an economical Toyota with a luxurious exterior, the Toyota Venza is a great option. Stop by Steet Toyota of Yorkville in Yorkville, NY to chat with our staff about all of the exterior features for the Toyota Venza.

The Toyota Venza has a hands-free liftgate that is height adjustable and great for adding in cargo that you would otherwise have to sit down. The liftgate also has a safety feature so that it won't jam.

Consider the Toyota Venza for the windshield wipers as well as the automatic headlights. The windshield wipers are linked to the washer fluid, and you can also opt for rain-sensing wipers. The rear of the Toyota Venza has a wiper as well. The automatic headlights allow you to pay more attention to the road instead of switching from high beams to low beams continuously. These are a great safety benefit and a well-designed exterior feature for this Toyota.

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