Many Yorkville, NY motorists inquire about fluid leaks. This is a common problem with vehicles but finding out what kind of fluid's leaking can be confusing. Read on to find out about the most common fluid leaks.

Brake fluid and antifreeze are common fluids that leak. With antifreeze, you'll need to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible because antifreeze and coolant are toxic to humans and animals. Brake fluid can hinder your vehicle's braking capability, so you should have your vehicle towed if it's leaking brake fluid. In addition, if the leak is motor oil, you should also have it towed. Your engine may not have enough pressure for you to drive it safely if it's leaking motor oil.

Water leaks are common and typically happen right after you turn the air conditioner on. Condensation from your air conditioning system shouldn't cause very much water to build up. If you see large puddles of water under your vehicle, have it looked at by a technician.

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